Thursday, November 26, 2009

Standing on Arafat Mountain

To who doesn't know; Arafat is a mountain in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Like every year, today 26-11-2009, millions of Muslims from all nationalities stand on Arafat from the daybreak till the sunset, according to the rites of Islamic pilgrimage.

Of course Arafat day belongs to the lunar year or the Islamic calendar, so it returns 11 days every solar year. The next year, it will be mostly on 15-11-2010.

Arafat day is one of the most important days as for the Muslims & the best day the sun rose on it. It's the day before the Muslims' Greater Bairam.

Tomorrow, on the Muslims' Major Feast or the Feast of Immolation (Sacrifice), all the Muslims around the world will butcher millions of sheep, goats, cows & other on. They do that like the Prophets' Father Ibrahim who would slaughter his son the prophet Ismail as he saw in the dream, but at the last moment, Allah ransomed Ismail with a great ram.

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