Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Ban on Construction of New Minarets in Switzerland

Although my blog this mainly interests in literature & writing, but any cultured human can't ignore the current political events, especially if he was a Muslim because the true & good Muslim doesn’t separate between the religion and the policy. Any other religion is a part of life, but the Islam is the whole life. It enters in all details of our daily life.

So, I'm as a religious Muslim, not a Secular Muslim, I was not surprised when Switzerland banned on 29 November 2009 the construction of new minarets for mosques, while it allows with the towers & bells of churches!!!

I didn't feel angry because I realize well that the conception of freedom in the most of European countries is unbalanced & the scales of justice in these countries are not equal.

They criticize our Islamic headscarf, while they clap the hands for the nuns who wear the same headscarf. It is the Swiss freedom!!!

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