Saturday, December 11, 2010

Male Belly Dancers!!!

A very strange phenomenon began to be widespread in some Egyptian nightclubs, in Cairo, Sharm El-Sheikh & Hurghada.

Males work as belly dancers!

I'm saying here males, not men, because they don't belong to the manhood in a thing.

Yes, most of them don't wear naked dancing suits, but they perform female movements.

Of course, I won't talk from an Islamic perspective because the dancing naturally is forbidden in Islam as for women or men equally, but I'm talking here about the human nature.

This phenomenon is against the nature of men. How can these males dance like the women in front of people? How are they husbands and fathers?

I think the male dancers in the famous American TV show So You Think You Can Dance are more respectable & serious because they perform Tap Dance, not a random dance.