Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Madman of Layla:

One of the most beautiful love poetries, that which was said by the sheikh Abu-l-Hassan ash-Shadhili about the Manic of Layla:

The madman saw a wolf in the desert

He dragged a tail from the charity for it

The people blamed him for what came out from him

And they said: you made the wolf obtain a great obtainment

He said: let the blame, my eyes saw it once nearby

Layla's house!!!

رأى المجنون فى البيداء ذئباً *** فجر له من الإحسان ذيلاً

فلاموه على ما كان منه *** و قالوا قد أنلت الذئب نيلاً

فقال : دعوا الملامة أن عينى *** رأته مرة فى حى ليلى !!!

I translated it a semi-literal translation, to let you taste the words of the Arabic love.

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