Friday, November 20, 2009

Boycott Algeria till they apologize officially, The dream of 80 million Egyptian

I don't invite to boycott Algeria for ever; I'm against that any Islamic Arabic country boycotts its sister whatever happened between them. However, Egypt must boycott Algeria till it apologizes.

That the Algerians carry knifes & swords in a football match, that is a usual behavior!!!

That the Algerians throw the Egyptians by stones, smash the Egyptians' buses & cars by rubble in Sudan on 18-11-2009, although they were the winners, that are expected things!!!

That the Algerians abuse the Egyptian women, crash the Egyptian buildings & foundations in Sudan, that are not new things!!!

That the Algerians chase the Egyptians till the airport of Sudan, that is an understood thing!!!

But the not acceptable thing, that the Algerians burn the Egyptian flag, trample it by their shoes and pass above it many times by their cars back & forth!!! As if it was the Israeli flag!!!

So, it is a duty for every Egyptian to boycott every Algerian, till the Algerian president by himself apologizes to Egypt & the Egyptians.

To all the Algerians, it seems that you forgot what Egypt & Gamal Abdel Nasser did for you until you take your independence from France in 1962!!! You forgot the Arabism & the Islam!!!

To all the Egyptians, you proved that you are a very civilized nation. But the civilization doesn't mean the forgiveness in the rights!!!


amine bouchaib said...

dear Miss

you should first appologize for the algerian nation because some of your guys smashed our players with stones in Cairo and hurts 03 players
your medias insulted over 35 million algerians and our martyrs and burn our flag

but before that i would like to say that you and every egyptians are still my brothers and sisters , whatever happened

thanks & regards

Zahra Youssry said...

Dear brother Amen
First, I'm Mrs.; not Miss
Second, it's shame on us (as two Arabs) to talk in English & leave our mother tongue or Arabic, but I'm forced to write in English in order that my blog readers can understand my reply.
Amen, I can't deny that three Algerian players were wounded in Cairo before the first match of 14-11-2009, because I watched this scene by my eyes.
And you also can't deny that your president or ambassador or one of Algerian politicians (whoever) sent tens of warplanes loaded with an army of Algerian mercenaries & prisoners to Sudan and they were heavily armed to beat the unarmed Egyptian fans & players before the second match of 18-11-2009.
Yes, we who began the aggression in Cairo. Yes, the beginner is more unfair, but the sin of Algerians is bigger & greater. And the strong proof of that is the Algerian riot in France after the first match!!!
Amen, the Algerian apology became unimportant as for us because Egypt is greater than waiting for apology from any country!!!
The Muslim isn't just a title, the Muslim is a behavior. My brothers & sisters are those who respect me & respect my natives, but the Algerians didn't do that unfortunately!!!
Sorry Amen, your wound was very deep & unforgettable!!!

amine bouchaib said...

Dear sister Zahra

Staring from the title on your blog: Boycott Algeria till they apologize officially, the dream of 80 million Egyptian
You are expecting Bouteflika to apologize???? Even I, while I’m just a simple citizen I will not apologize and the 80 million Egyptian can dream.
Zahra honestly do you think that some of our fanatics in Sudan have gave to your TV channels the rights to insult our martyrs our nation – I have seen a man named Mustapha Abdou saying that we are …. And our women are … that the Islam your are talking about, and by the way it’s not shame on me to talk in English as I am not Arab, I am Muslim Berber and our brotherhood is because we are human, neighbours and Muslims.
Forgiveness is some thing you share with every one and if you believe that our crime is bigger than forgiveness, Algerians have paid dearly for their dignities and god is greater than Egypt

Zahra Youssry said...

I was able to reject your second comment, but I published it.
Thank you & No comment!!!

bathmate said...

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