Sunday, September 26, 2010

ISNB in Egypt

The International Standard Book Number or ISNB is a number given to a book and often placed on the back cover to protect the book from the plagiarism & quotation. It guarantees the copyright for the author & the publisher because this number is unrepeated ever like the fingerprint!

By ISNB, you can verify your intellectual property, if someone plagiarized your ideas.

Locally in Egypt, beside ISNB, there is The Legal Deposition Number that is given to the books by The National Documents & Books House.

But as usual, getting this local number is a costly thing and takes long procedures.

After the digital or electronic publishing & eBooks became widespread on the internet, Digital Rights Management or DRM appeared.

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Hicham said...

Great that you've introduced this excellent system which deals with preserving the intellectual property and cataloging in electronic archives for various issues like: identifying the publisher, sales, etc.

It was 10-digits till the end of December 2006. As of 1-January-2007, it became 13-digits. Moreover, Egypt's range is 977- and 978- with sub-ranges as appears in the image in your post.

You can access more info here: International Standard Book Number.