Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 40th anniversary of Nasser

Today, Tuesday 28 September 2010, 40 years passed since the immortal president Gamal Abdel Nasser left our world.

Although, I was born on 23 September 1979, 5 days before the 9th anniversary of his death, but I'm still living on his glories.

A lot of Egyptians miss him. How much we need a man like him in these black days!

To his crystal spirit, I present this song:

I have an urgent letter to you – Singing: Om Kalthoum in Nasser's funeral, 1970


Anonymous said...

مصر فى مهب الريح

فى خلال الثلاثين عاما الماضية تعرضت مصر الى حملة منظمة لنشر ثقافة الهزيمة – The Culture of Defeat – بين المصريين, فظهرت أمراض اجتماعية خطيرة عانى ومازال يعانى منها خمسة وتسعون بالمئة من هذا الشعب الكادح . فلقد تحولت مصر تدريجيا الى مجتمع الخمسة بالمئه وعدنا بخطى ثابته الى عصر ماقبل الثورة .. بل أسوء بكثير من مرحلة الاقطاع.

1- الانفجار السكانى .. وكيف أنها خدعة فيقولون أننا نتكاثر ولايوجد حل وأنها مشكلة مستعصية عن الحل.
2- مشكلة الدخل القومى .. وكيف يسرقونه ويدعون أن هناك عجزا ولاأمل من خروجنا من مشكلة الديون .
3- مشكلة تعمير مصر والتى يعيش سكانها على 4% من مساحتها.
4 – العدالة الاجتماعية .. وأطفال الشوارع والذين يملكون كل شىء .
5 – ضرورة الاتحاد مع السودان لتوفير الغذاء وحماية الأمن القومى المصرى.
6 – رئيس مصر القادم .. شروطه ومواصفاته حتى ترجع مصر الى عهدها السابق كدولة لها وزن اقليمى عربيا وافريقيا.

لمزيد من التفاصيل أذهب إلى مقالات ثقافة الهزيمة بالموقع التالى


Nasir said...

Colonel Nasser was a very popular figure in India and I remember that along with Marshal Tito of Bulgaria and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru they formed the Non-Alighment Movement which in a layman's language means not to tilt either towards USA or USSR.

The 1967 war was shocking for us. I remember some Masjids in Bombay (now Mumbai) had even started recruitment drive for the Jihad against zionism. Being a young man of 20 then, I had enlisted myself but this move was banned by the Government.

Zahra Youssry said...

Thanks for these valuable information & your connection with my blog
You & many Egyptians have his same name Nassir or Nasser
After the Setback of 1967, Nasser tried to resign, but the nation refused
Although, he didn't attend the Victory of 1973, but this victory is mainly attributed to his military efforts.

Nasir said...

I remember that day. The entire nation of Egypt did not want him to resign. That was incredible in the face of the disaster, but it evidently emphasizes how much the nation loved Col.Nasser.

Gabriele said...

Just thinking of the recent trouble in Egypt of end of January 2011. What a moment in time to be reminded of the late President Nasser mentioned in this blog I stumbled upon today. It's like a wink of fate that may say that Egypt has indeed seen better days of modern times. I heard good stuff about this Egyptian leader of the past. Compliments also for the funny photo which was published in the Zahra Youssry EN blog. It makes Nasser a man of the people and endears him even more.