Saturday, July 17, 2010

To be a wife for a year

Today, Saturday 17 July 2010 is the first anniversary of my marriage.

I confess that the first year of marriage is the most difficult year at all and sometimes it is the worst year in marriage, especially in the oriental societies, like Egypt!

In the eastern countries, there is no a big chance to study your life's partner well before the marriage. The only true chance to study him or her is during the first year of marriage itself!

As for the Arabic Muslim nations, there are not a lot of permissions during the engagement period, so you find yourself suddenly live with a stranger in one home and you are forced to acclimate with him and accept him as he is!

Yes, the divorce in Islam is very easy & is not very expensive like the divorce between the westerns, but there are a lot of traditions & thoughts which control us. These traditions are often stronger than the religion.

In the beginning, clashes must happen between two persons from two different families, different environments, different personalities (natures) & different houses. Naturally, you are very sad during the first months in marriage, but with the ends of the first year, you find yourself calmer & happier!

In the first feast of my marriage, I'm proud because I made an achievement & skipped the difficulties of marriage in the first year!

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