Monday, July 19, 2010

Print on demand (POD) in Egypt

Simply, the service of Print/ publish on demand (POD) depends on uploading an eBook on a website and printing this eBook only when a reader demands a paper copy & pays its price beforehand.

Unfortunately, this service is still unavailable as for the Arabic books or the right-to-left writings.

Internationally, is the most famous website offers POD, but in the Arabic world (22 Arabic countries), is nearly the only Arabic & Egyptian website which supports the Arabic books! It is the foundation of Arabic pen voice.

I know that one website only maybe is very enough, but unfortunately, doesn’t offer this service free like! Therefore, I'm using the American website coyly!

Yes, the Egyptian website takes 30 USD as a fee of nomination for your book because it submits the book to publishers, not only to the readers!

This fee is illogical because the publishers maybe refuse your work & the readers maybe don't demand your book at all and in the end you will lose your money.

Likewise, the Egyptian story club takes 20 EGP as fees of participation in the annual literary contest, although the winning isn't guaranteed!

Both of them, fees of book's nomination & fees of participation in the literary contest, don't take into consideration the poor writers!

These fees are only for covering the costs of printing on demand or the annual financial prize. This is the only logical explanation!

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