Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 33rd anniversary of Abdel Halim Hafez

On 30 March 1977, Halim died while he was 47 years old. The Dark Nightingale was one of the most famous Egyptian singers & actors in Egypt & the Arabic world.

The triangle of orphanage, lovesickness & illness made Abd El-Halim a very creative artist.

His mother died after few hours only from his birth, and then his father died also before Halim completes his first year!!!

He fell in love only one time in his life & had never been married.

She was a very rich young woman. He met her by chance in Alexandria & loved her at first sight. She was so beautiful & has blue eyes, but she was married & has two children. This unknown woman who was called (Dawlat) or (Dede) left her family to marry Abd El-Halim, and before their marriage, she died suddenly by brain cancer.

Abd El-Halim was a very reticent person, so nobody saw this woman at all, even his closest friends, except his own driver. However, he sang his saddest & most pessimistic songs to her memory.

In London, he died by Esophageal Varices & returned to Cairo in a box between luggages inside an airplane!!!

His funeral was third of most popular funerals in Egypt, after funeral of Nasser in 1970 & funeral of Om Kalthoum in 1975.

A lot of girls & women committed suicide on hearing of his death!!!

His apartment & tomb are still receiving thousands of visitors till today.

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Tara Umm Omar said...

I remember reading his story because some women committed suicide after he died. I saw in one picture all of these medicines by his bedside when he was sick. I wonder if he did hijamah and if hijamah could have saved his life. QadrAllah anyway.