Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ahmed Zaki… the black tiger

Today 27 March 2010, five years passed since Ahmed Zaki left us. He was not just a favorite actor by the Egyptians, but he was a genius talent will not be repeated easily. He could play all roles & characters creatively.

Although he was not a handsome or muscular, but he was so attractive. He succeeded to win hearts of many Egyptian actresses & millions of fans.

This black star that defeated a lot of difficult challenges in the beginning of his life, but in the end, lung cancer defeated him while he was 55 years old because he was a very gluttony smoker.

The French doctor, who came from France especially to examine Ahmed Zaki, arrived to Cairo on the same day of death & he attended his funeral!!!

Ahmed Zaki could act 90 % of his final movie (Halim), and then he slept in a very deep coma. So, his only son (Haitham) completed the movie. Halim is the biography of Abdel Halim Hafez who lived & died in similar conditions to Zaki himself!!!

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