Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Building of the Ghosts!!!

None in Alexandria doesn’t know the building No. 412 in Rushdie district or the house of the ghosts.

This old building which locates on Abu Qir Street (Liberty Road), one of the main streets in Alexandria, and locates in Rushdie district, one of the highest districts in Alex, this building has a very strange story & a true tragedy.

If you passed by it, you will find it very dark even in the noon. The sun doesn't enter it at all and the exhausts of the cars during 50 years made it black & dirty.

The building of Rushdie was built in 1961. Some people say it was built by a Greek man called Bardees who died drowned with his five children in a boat during a fishing trip & his wife sold the house, then she returned to Greece forever and the Egyptian woods' trader Mohsen Bey (the buyer) took an accounting office for himself in the entrance & rented the other apartments:

1. The first floor: Mr. Zareef died burned & his family deserted the apartment.

2. The second floor: a doctor established his clinic, and before opening the clinic, a car killed the doctor while he was crossing the street.

3. The third & the fours floor: a foreign company became bankrupt & its boss committed suicide.

But other people say the house was built by an Egyptian man. In the beginning, he intended to build a mosque, but he built this house. So, the curse inhabited this place forever & the owner died paralyzed & sorry for his deserted project.

Some people say it was built actually as an apartment building & other people say it was built as a hotel. No one knows the true.

The sheikhs read the Holy Koran in the building to exorcise the ghosts & the bad spirits, but without a result.

The building contractors tried to destroy the building, but the buckets of the loaders were broken.

In the end, the police was forced to block the entrance by the bricks & they left the garage works till today. And for that reason, some people see it's just a rumor because there is a conflict between the heirs and those people ask why the ghosts didn't live in the garage also?!

But if these were just rumors really, why no one could to continue in the building till now?!

I thought to write a novel about this building like The Yacoubian Building novel by Dr. Alaa Al Aswany, but I'm not interested in the world of the ghosts.

So, if you are fond of this world, you can write a horror novel!

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Nasir said...

Such ghostly buildings exists in many parts of the world. I had seen one such building in Bahrain. Amazingly, this building was right at the centre of the city or thereabout. And no one occupied it

In my country, too, (India) we have lots of stories about the ghosts. The only question is what is that entity! That is, is it a jinn, or some spectre, or say, some soul who died prematurely, etc.