Monday, May 10, 2010

Internet Forums Statistics

The statistics of internet forums are often:

Number of threads

Number of posts

Number of members

Number of currently active (available/ online) users (members & guests/ visitors)

Most users ever online

Number of blogs & entries

The question now to who is expert in the forums: is this counter changeable?! Is it possible to counterfeit these statistics?! How can we differentiate between the true forums & the false forums?! And why memberships' serial numbers are always bigger than true members' numbers?!

What's the better?! To join to a forum of numerous members or to create your personal forum & you are sure of the true number of members?!

Yes, the personal forum enables you to:

1. Upload attachments of any size/ type

2. Control in members

3. Create the departments which you want

But supervising & formatting a personal forum needs to an unoccupied person... Isn't it so?!

I need your opinion please!

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