Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who is Zahra Youssry?

An Egyptian novelist, she was born on 23rd of September 1979 (30 years old) in Alexandria, Egypt & she lives there.

Until now, she wrote 13 novels in her mother tongue (Arabic language) & although they are not published in books, however Zahra has a lot of readers & fans on the internet.

List of Zahra's works:

Novel "be luckier than us" in 1994,

Novel "Qenawy ollas" in 1995-1996,

Novel "memories in the corridor" in 1996-1997,

Novel "my heart is zigzag" in 1998,

Novel "made in Egypt" in 1999-2000,

Novel "messages to Allah" in 2001-2002,

Novel "a hole in my heart" in 2003,

Novel "Reda" in 2005,

Novel "Chechnya" in 2007,

Novel "cabin no. 9" in 2008,

Novel "America Brunei Egypt" in 2008,

Novel "foreigner, but!!!" in 2008,

Novel "12 Circassian roosters" in 2009

The last novel is sold on lulu.com & there is a group called 12 Circassian roosters on facebook.com

And what is worth mentioning that there is a contemporary Egyptian poet holds the same name Zahra Yusri, but the latter was born in 1974 (35 years old) in Cairo city.

Zahra Youssry has a blog in Arabic language holds her name on blogspot.com & has her own page on facebook.com

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